A long-term, participatory and citizen-based approach

Each year, Lyrique-en-mer develops more cultural mediation actions that aim to connect audiences with the lyrical artistic offer. "Our mission!" according to Philip Walsh, Artistic Director and secondary resident in Belle-Ile since 2016.

At a time when an "All orchestra musicians" plan is being implemented and choral singing is being promoted in secondary schools, Lyrique-en-mer's historic partnership with the children of Belle-Ile's schools, enshrined in article 4 of the statutes, bears witness to the invaluable pedagogical experience that the opportunity to sing on stage in an opera with professionals represents for the island's children (following the example of Tosca in 2018).

Concert jeune public 2019

Concerts for our younger spectators 2019

Concert Jeune public 2020

Towards the so-called "impeded" public, a social and solidarity involvement is more and more requested from the artists because music helps to live... A partnership is now contractualized between Lyrique-en-mer and the hospital of Belle-Ile and its associated living places.

Récital des jeunes artistes à l'EHPAD

2019 Concert at the Belle-Ile hospital

Concert EHPAD 2020

2020 Concert at the Belle-Ile hospital

Depending on the sanitary situation, "Come and sing" Haendel's Messiah could be the third participatory concert of Lyrique-en-mer. This fraternal and vibrant proximity of artistic, human and spiritual sharing values the contribution of each person to cultural life and constitutes a unique experience by making music a common heritage.

Since 2014, a preferential island rate facilitates access to concerts and concerns between 1/5 and 1/4 of the spectators. In 2020, Lyrique-en-mer initiated the deferred and very popular broadcast of the 2019-2020 season of the Metropolitan Opera (prices at 12€ and 15€) at the Rex cinema and relays, free of charge for the public, "Opera on Screen(s)", with La Chauve-Souris by Johann Strauss scheduled on June 11, 2021 live from the Angers Opera.

Lyrique-en-mer's membership of the Federation of Classical Music Festivals of Bretagne reinforces its regional affiliation and the opportunities for collaboration and sharing with other musical events in the area.

The stability of a controlled economic model (one opera and one church music work played each 4 or 5 times a year, plus an academy of 15 Young Artists) allows the development of complementary and qualitative "small forms": "Come and sing", various other concerts, recitals at the EHPAD and the FAM... It is a structuring and significant element with long-lasting public partnerships, and a constant and necessary search to enlarge the circle of individual donors, sponsors and patrons.