Legal information

The Festival of Belle-Ile, as an association governed by the law of 1st July 1901 having a disinterested activity with a cultural purpose, is authorised to issue tax receipts to its donors residing in France giving them the possibility of deducting from their Income Tax 66% of their donations up to a limit of 20% of their taxable income (this option does not apply to their Taxation on Real Estate Assets). Subject to confirmation by their usual tax advisers, donors residing in the United States or in European Union countries may also benefit from tax reductions in their country. Donors residing in other countries are advised to consult their usual tax advisors in their country of residence.

The Festival of Belle-Ile is also authorised to issue tax receipts to its corporate donors residing in France giving them the possibility of deducting from their taxable profits 60% of their donations – in cash or in kind – up to 5‰ of their turnover (this turnover limitation does not apply to donations up to €20,000). When these companies do not have legal personality, such as professional civil companies, the tax advantage benefits their partners in proportion to their rights in the company. For other companies, the tax reduction is applied directly to the amount of taxation of the legal entity.

Generally speaking, comparable advantages (at least for cash donations) also apply to “legal person” donors located abroad, particularly in the United States for local foundations, but also in the member states of the European Union. In the latter cases, the donors concerned should nevertheless consult their usual tax advisors. 

By becoming a partner, you benefit from exclusive advantages: personalised welcome, privileged meetings with the artists, access to rehearsals and/or dress rehearsals, invitations to events organised by the Festival, visibility on the website and communication documents published by the Festival...