The Lyrique-en-mer Choir

Repeat - Jan. 2023
The Passion according to St John - Summer 2023
Concert 2023

The emblematic choir of Belle-Île-en-mer.

The choir of Lyrique-en-Mer currently brings together around sixty choristers and mainly interprets works of sacred music, which are presented in each of the 4 churches of Belle île.

The repertoire of the choir is defined by Philip Walsh, artistic director of the Festival, and the rehearsals, regularly spread throughout the year, are placed under his authority or under those of a professional choir director.

The singers of this choir are all amateurs : the only constraint is to be able to regularly attend rehearsals, which always take place in Belle île, and whose schedule is communicated in advance to allow everyone to participate.

To be part of the Lyrique-en-mer Choir, no advanced musical knowledge is required. You just need to love singing, want to share the emotion of choral singing and work outside of rehearsals, thanks to the tools made available to choristers. You can simply request one and come for a quick audition which will allow you to define the desk that suits you.

Want to sing in 2024? Join us !

After having delighted a large audience, very moved by the Stabat Mater of Dvořák, on the summer 2022 program, and The Passion According to Saint John by Bach in 2023, the Lyrique-en-mer Choir will return this winter to prepare the work for 2024: “A German Requiem” by Brahms. Rehearsals will be provided by Philip Walsh and Gérald de Montmarin.

The first rehearsals started on January 2, 2024 and were open to the public. This made it possible to welcome new singers. Welcome ! 

There's still time to come and experience the joy of singing along! 

Don’t hesitate, join us!


I join the Lyrique-en-mer association, Festival International de Belle-Ile, by paying the annual subscription for the year 2024.

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